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Front-End Engineering Expertise

From website architecture to software development to optimization and improvements — our knowledge of building websites will help you achieve results.

Website Architecture
Swarzy builds websites. We prefer to build on Node.js and Next.js, but have experience with a variety of web application stacks including Express.js, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, etc. In the old days, we built websites in Perl, PHP, and Java/JSP. (Don't ask about Mason.)
Front-End Engineering
Swarzy knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, like you wouldn't believe. Node.js and TypeScript are what we do. We've used React since the early days, and Next.js is a favorite.
Web Performance Optimization
Swarzy knows web vitals. We can help you optimize your web performance by analyzing web vitals and experience-specific metrics. We'll make recommendations to help get your latency down and meet customer speed expectations.
Swarzy drives improvements by defining and enforcing standards for engineering, performance, metrics, monitoring, reporting, deployments (CI/CD), and interviewing. We train and mentor engineers to help them grow and deliver similar successes.
Swarzy builds websites in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), and we're big fans of and Vultr for small sites.


Cal Freitas is the CEO of Swarzy and works as a Principal Front-End Engineer.

Cal has 15 years of industry experience including 9 years at Amazon. He has worked at several startups in full-time, contract, and consulting roles.

Cal Freitas (in front of plane engine)

Client Stories

Cal Freitas joined the RedBalloon team from December 2022 to February 2023 for a critical project. During the project, he updated the homepage, navigation, search, and other core user experiences. See showcase »

In 2022, Cal Freitas rebuilt Anedot's integrations feature as part of a migration from a Ruby on Rails front-end to React.js with a Rails API. The new UI supported 30+ integrations at launch, and made it much simpler for the product team and engineering team to add new integrations. See showcase »


Vantage International LLC

Cal Freitas has led multiple engineering projects for Vantage International to architect, build, and deliver website solutions for clients. On these projects, he has assembled development teams, managed engineers, architected websites, and ensured successful completion and delivery of new website features.

Cal has led web performance assessments and contributed to User Experience reviews for leading Eastern European e-commerce shopping sites.


Verses for Life

Verses for Life screenshot (mobile web)

Verses for Life helps people learn Bible verses by topic. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In 2023, the website received an overhaul as Next.js application built with React, Tailwind CSS, and using the API.Bible API and Digital Bible Library.


PsalmList screenshot (mobile web)

PsalmList provides links to playlists of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

PsalmList runs on Next.js using React and Tailwind CSS.

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