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Swarzy is led by Calvin Freitas, a Principal Front-End Engineer with 12+ years of experience building websites and web applications at Amazon, Microsoft, and startups.

Strategic Website Consulting

With our vast experience building websites for large businesses as well as startups, we can provide strategic website consulting to suit the needs of your business whether it's big or small, a new site or an existing one.

Engineering Leadership

With 9 years of engineering leadership at Amazon, Calvin built, created, and delivered architecture and code for Amazon's website and mobile app UI. His work on new features and experiments contributed to Amazon's decade of stellar growth.

User Experience Expertise

At Amazon, Calvin collaborated with business, design, and engineering leadership and teams across multiple organizations to deliver enhancements to accessibility, usability, internationalization, and performance for the Amazon website and shopping application and its hundreds of millions of global customers.

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"Calvin is one of the most thoughtful and caring engineers I've worked with as he was always willing to share his knowledge with everyone he interacted with. He was always a trusted advisor and was constantly learning, engineering, improving, sharing and communicating to keep the entire organization focused on what's important for our customers."
Abraham Ray
Principal Technical Program Manager - Amazon
"Swarzy has been hosting my business website for over 10 years. I always get the attention and support I need. The website is a key part of how customers find my business."
Handyman, Business Owner - Wichita Handyman LLC

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